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57th Genoa International Boat Show

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Genoa, 26.09.2017, 11:44 Uhr
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Rome/Genoa [ENA] The 57th Genoa International Boat Show,which ends today (it took place in September 21-26) is supposed to have participant exhibitor growth this year of 8%, with an increase of 8% also in the number of boats on display at the Fiera di Genova exhibition center.This year the trade show presented a total of 884 companies and 1,100 boats. Last year there were 800 exhibitors and 1,020 boats, which drew 127,190 visitors.

Italian boating federation UCINA (Confindustria Nautica) has organized the event and this year's edition is devoted to an icon of the 'dolce vita' years in sailing, motorboat designer and builder Carlo Riva. It is a positive and different moment with regard to past years, thanks also to the market, whose upturn is stable and some large brands that had in past years left the trade show have this year come back. Azimut Yachts is returning to the show this year with seven yachts under 72', including the Azimut 60 Fly, one of the company's ground-breaking offerings.

There's enthusiasm and dynamism in the market and sailing is up 3.5%, inboards are up by 14%, and inflatable boats, for which Italy is the world's top producer, are up by 9%. The trade fair will show some new arrivals, including the world premier of the MV19 Ridoc line by Baglietto. The all-aluminum MV19 yacht, from the studios of Francesco Paszkowski Design, takes its inspiration from the MAS WWI and WWII military crafts, with a 19.5-metre prototype as the natural evolution of the group's MV13.

A multitude of new sailboats and motorboats also appeared at this year's trade show, such as the Pardo 43 from the Cantiere del Pardo shipyard, a luxury tender powered by two IPS 500 engines, with a large central bathroom and an outside kitchen with a table for eight. Looking at the figures, the industry’s total turnover in 2015 of 2.9 billion Euros and its 17.1% increase over 2014 are quite alluring. It should be highlighted that the € 2.9 billion figure refers only to actual boating-related production, in a different way from standard reports, which generally also comprise non-core business lines.

Over 18,000 are direct employees in this sector and it has also increased by 3%, along with a 19% increase in the boating industry’s share of Italian GDP and a domestic demand growing by 21%. Export data are also remarkable. Over the last two decades, inboard crafts have given evidence of the highest export growth with a $ 1.6 billion trade surplus in 2015, thus outranking pharmaceutical preparations, and landing the pleasure and sport boat sector in 20th place (out of 5,000 examined products) in Italy, in terms of trade balance performance. Exports shot up from 290 million in 1995 to 1.7 billion in 2015.

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