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Martin Smolinski ist Speedway Longtrack World Champion

Verantwortlicher Autor: Sven Wiese Mühldorf, 03.10.2018, 10:36 Uhr
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Martin Smolinski is FIM Longtrack World Champion (archive picture)
Martin Smolinski is FIM Longtrack World Champion (archive picture)  Bild: Sven Wiese

Mühldorf [ENA] Germany has again a Speedway-Longtrack World Champion: Martin Smolinski! In a gripping fifth and final run of the Grand Prix series 'Smoli' secured his first world title on the longtrack of Mühldorf, Germany. The showdown took place only in the last heat.

One hour away from his hometown lies Mühldorf in Bavaria, Germany, and what could be better than to become World Champion at your home race? Nothing. That's what Martin Smolinski, who had already proclaimed his wish for getting this tile on the longtrack before the season, thought so too. After he criticized after the second GP in La Reole in France in particular by his aggressive driving style and the resulting crash, in which he resented Michael Härtel bad, Smoli was very concentrated and focused in Mühldorf.

After all, it was necessary to catch up with a 3-point gap to the World Championship leader Dimitri Bergé and the second Frenchman Mathieu Trésarrieu to win the battle. In very exciting races supported by a massive crowd of spectators, Smolinski way only once beaten the young German Lukas Fienhage, otherwise the triumphant day would have even ended with a maximum of seven wins á 4 points.

The showdown took place in the final heat of the day. Bergé, who started with the red helmet color on the inside of the track, came better in the first corner. Smolinski, who chose the outside in the starting grid, managed to catch up and overtake Bergé on the back straight and had his hands full defending the position for the last three and a half laps and then claiming the win. Thus, Smoli ranks as the eighth German in the list of Speedway Longtrack World Champions.

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