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OSCE-wide Conference in Vienna

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Vienna, 19.09.2017, 14:09 Uhr
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Rome/Vienna [ENA] A well-co-ordinated approach to security sector governance and reform is central in order to deal efficiently with today’s security challenges. The OSCE-wide Conference on Security Sector Governance and Reform (SSG/R), held on 19th september at the Hofburg in Vienna and organized by the 2017 Austrian OSCE Chairmanship and the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre, tried to cope with this vital question.

Over 100 government representatives, experts and representatives from international organizations, civil society and academia participated in the event. They considered the progress made in the field of SSG/R and pinpointed the necessary steps to strengthen the effectiveness of the support granted by the OSCE, including in the areas of police reform, border management and security, counter-terrorism, anti-corruption, and justice sector reform. “An effective and accountable security sector is a cornerstone for peace and the provision of security,” said Florian Raunig, Head of Task Force of the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship.

“In today’s security environment, with increasingly complex and often transnational challenges, we need comprehensive responses from the entire security sector. The concept of SSG/R can offer a way forward in this regard. Today’s conference provides an opportunity to share best practices and lessons learned among local, national and international actors, as well as to identify possible ways to strengthen the OSCE’s approach to SSG/R.”

In a joint statement, the OSCE Group of Friends of Security Sector Governance and Reform called on the OSCE to broaden the current discussion with the participating States and to ensure that the Organization’s efforts are complimentary to initiatives of other international organizations. They noted in particular United Nations Security Council Resolution 2151 stresses the importance of security sector reform in achieving peace and security and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.“Our experiences have revealed that reform and governance efforts have the greatest impact when different components of the security sector work closely together.

To this end, we need to make sure that we make best use of the synergies between our three dimensions to provide comprehensive and lasting support,” said Marcel Peško, Director of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre. Supporting participating States in their efforts to strengthen governance and reforms in the security sector lies at the core of the work of the OSCE. The Organization is developing a more coherent and co-ordinated approach to SSG/R. The new OSCE Guidelines on SSG/R, which were launched in April 2016, represent a key milestone providing staff with practical guidance for their support to national SSG/R processes. The conference was organized in the framework of an extra-budgetary project supported by Germany, Serbia, Slovakia.

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